40 Alums @ 40

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Mary Abusief, M.D. Milton Armstrong, M.D. Todd Baxter, M.D. Elisa Bell, M.D. Row 1 Benjamin Brewer, M.D. Edwin Card, M.D., Wendy Ledesma, M.D. Julko Fullop, M.D. Row 2 Paul Hakes, M.D. Stephen Hazelrigg, M.D. Diane Hillard-Sembell, M.D. Julie (Jervis) Gibson, M.D. Row 3 Cristina N. Medrano, M.D. Mark Keim, M.D Alison LaFrence, M.D Steven Lillpop, M.D. Row 4

In celebration of the School's 40th Anniversary, we are presenting a sample of our graduates whose careers represent SIU School of Medicine's core values of education, patient care, research and service to the community.

In selecting these alumni, we have tried to showcase graduates across a broad range of specialties, representing the diverse career paths that can be taken with a degree from SIU School of Medicine.

Our alumni practice medicine in a variety of settings, from private practice offices and community clinics to sophisticated tertiary care centers. Some have become university professors, while others serve as volunteer faculty for health professions schools in their region. Some have taken up careers in research, while many others are applying clinical research findings to the everyday practice of medicine. Some serve their communities through military careers or government service, and many more serve their communities through mission work, volunteer activity, and civic engagement.

SIU School of Medicine graduates have developed their talents in countless ways that enrich the lives of others at the local, national, and international levels. We are proud of their service, their accomplishments, and their commitment.

We encourage you to share your memories, so that we can celebrate not just 40 alumni on our 40th anniversary, but so that we can celebrate all 2,268 of our graduates.


Peter Lourgos, M.D., J.D. Niva Lubin-Johnson, M.D. Christopher McDowell, M.D. Anthony Miksanek, M.D. Michael Perry, M.D. Mary Pohlmann, M.D., Ph.D. Verna Porter, M.D. Row 5 John Poterucha, M.D. Egla Rabinovich, M.D. Randy Sallee, M.D. Joseph Tamimie, M.D. Long Thao, M.D. Levester Thompson, M.D. Winston (Joey) Townsend, M.D. Row 6 Gladys Tse, M.D. Mark Wallace, M.D. Jennifer Welsh, M.D. Lisa Wichterman, M.D. Matt Winkleman, M.D. Roger Wujek, M.D. Sandra Yockey, M.D. Row 7 Bruce Young, M.D. Patrick Zimmermann, M.D. Phil Zumwalt, M.D. Row 8