Paul Hakes, M.D., ’81, Geriatric Medicine / Family Medicine


Dr. Hakes began a solo practice in El Paso, IL in 1984. He borrowed money and learned office management on the fly. He practiced obstetrics for 10 years, still admits patients to the hospital. He has been board certified in geriatrics for 20 years and has spent a lot of time at nursing homes. He has found that they get a lot of good done there for remarkably little health care expense.

In 1989, Stephen Ingalsbe, M.D., (class of ’83) joined his practice and still practices there. The group, now part of Advocate Bromenn Medical Group, has grown to five doctors, two nurse practitioners and two practice sites (El Paso and Lexington). Dr. Hakes serves as medical director of the group but still practices medicine full-time. Dr. Hakes likes to think that their clinic is a model for how rural health care can be delivered. The key is getting the personnel on every level. They recently added a new physician from SIU Family Medicine residency, Dr. Bibi Omar, to their group. She is one more doc meeting the mission of the school, and for that, he is grateful.