Egla Rabinovich, M.D., ’85, Rheumatology

Dr. Rabinovich

Dr. Rabinovich practices pediatrics/rheumatology at Duke Health Organization in Durham, N.C. She has a master’s of public health degree in epidemiology. She is an associate professor of pediatrics and co-division chief of the Division of Pediatric Rheumatology. She has devoted her career to the care of children with rheumatic diseases and clinical research on the treatment, morbidities, and outcomes of disease. She has obtained numerous grants from the NIH and Arthritis Foundation. Currently she is focused on treatment of juvenile arthritis, inflammatory eye disease, and localized scleroderma. She directs the fellowship program for pediatric rheumatology at Duke. She is married to fellow alumnus, Ken Jordan, M.D., ’86. They have three children, Danielle, Nick, and Kyle. Danielle is currently applying to medical school and Nick is considering a career in medicine.