Bruce Young, M.D., ’87, Family Medicine

Dr. Young

Dr. Young practices Family Medicine in Olathe, Kansas. He and his family typically go for a 1 year experience in Central Africa (usually Rwanda) every 5-6 yrs. Finding a practice that would allow for sabbaticals was his #1 priority coming out of residency. His family has really enjoyed these experiences and it has given his children the opportunity to see what life is like in a different part of the world. While there, he did a great deal of teaching and overseeing the work being done by Rwandan and Congolese physicians who trained at the local medical schools in their own countries. There are significant gaps in the knowledge base when comparing the training in central Africa to what alumni received at SIU! So, in many ways, he was a full-time consultant with lots of opportunities to jump in and share his experiences with young, eager new doctors who could use some friendly advice. His whole family was involved in various ways, whether helping in the pediatrics dept with the kids who needed someone to play with, or new moms who could benefit from the years of on the job training his wife, Judith, has had with their kids. They also enjoyed getting out into the surrounding village areas where he would occasionally preach at the churches and sometimes assist in the public health surveillance already in play. Dr. Young also enjoys helping with medical relief in central Africa; and he teaches medical students and residents from KU.