Forty at 40 Celebration Scholarship

Support the education of tomorrow’s physicians at SIU School of Medicine.

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During 2010, SIU School of Medicine is celebrating 40 years of "ah-ha" moments made possible by the support of moms and dads, friends and alumni, and the heroes of the classrooms, labs, and clinics at SIU-SM. Over the years, SIU School of Medicine has prepared 35 classes of graduates to be self-directed learners, problem solvers, researchers, thinkers, and innovative explorers. We've trained 2,268 new physicians to care with excellence, compassion, respect and integrity. To be healers. To be doctors.

You can directly advance the future of healthcare with a very personal commitment. Invest as little as $1,000 annually for four years to help provide for the needs of one medical student from freshman year through graduation. Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Name your scholarship in tribute to the heroes in your life: teachers, mentors, your family, or even yourself, honoring your own continuing commitment to medical education at SIU.

Meet the recipient of your scholarship at annual appreciation events hosted by SIU School of Medicine. You will be proud of the medical student who becomes a doctor with your financial help.

Assist a medical student when your gift is most needed and most appreciated. Despite the reasonable cost of a medical education at SIU-SM, our average medical student graduates with an education loan debt exceeding $150,000. Scholarships enable young doctors to choose specialties based on their interests, talents and passion, rather than loan repayment. The Forty at 40 scholarship that you invest in provides for the future of health care for all of us - and that’s truly heroic.

For more information, please phone the Foundation at 217.545.2955