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The Academy for Scholarship in Education

Academy Events 2006


"Longitudinal Assessment"
presented by Reed Williams, Ph.D., from SIU School of Medicine. Dr. Williams led discussion about implications for our curriculum. December 7, 2006

"Using Acting Skills to Improve Your Presentations" presented by Ann Woodworth, M.A. from Northwestern University and an Associate Professor in theatre. See outline. More information available at Ms. Woodworth's faculty page. October 19, 2006

"Resident Reflection on Goals and Outcomes"
presented by Eugene Toy, M.D., from St. Joseph Hospital in Houston Texas. October 17, 2006

"Considering the Medical School Curriculum" was a topic that SIU School of Medicine faculty discussed which included the following questions:: Where are important concepts taught? Where should they be taught? How should they be taught? Who should teach them? September 27, 2006

"SIU Philosophy about Student Progress, Promotion, and Graduation" was discussed by SIU School of Medicine faculty, Dean Dorsey and David Rogers, M.D., Chair of the Student Progress Committee. August 31, 2006

"Running an Effective Meeting" presented by Jim Bente, VP, Quality and Organizational Development from Memorial Health Sytem. click to view You will also find valuable tools to assist you with preparing for an effective meeting. July 26, 2006 Audio Recording

"Development and Maintenance of Expertise in Diagnostic Decision Making" presented by Kevin Eva, BSC, Ph.D., McMaster University. June 12, 2006

"Learning Portfolio and Continuum of Medical Education" presented by Leslie Sandlow, M.D., U of I in Chicago, College of Medicine. May 24, 2006

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