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The Academy for Scholarship in Education

8th Annual Symposium on Teaching and Learning


EXTENDED - Proposal Submission Deadline: February 17, 2017

We have already received some fantastic submissions! Based on feedback, we have decided to extend the deadline to February 17, 2017. The Symposium is an excellent opportunity to present your medical education research at a Peer Reviewed, Academic Conference located right here in Springfield, Illinois. Your curriculum vita will thank you for presenting and adding this distinction, and your peers will recognize your growing expertise!

Location: Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation, 228 West Miller Street, Springfield, Illinois

Symposium Date: April 20, 2017 (8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)

Submission Site (please be patient as it can run a bit slow):

Topics of Interest:

The Symposium Planning Committee invites proposals that emphasize research and topics around teaching and learning in medical education. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  1. Assessing student learning and performance.
  2. Integrating technology and/or simulation into the educational experience.
  3. Designing and delivering community-based education.
  4. Innovations in the fields of teaching and learning in medicine.
  5. Integrating collaborative techniques within the learning process (Problem Based Learning, Small Group, Project Based Learning).
  6. Coaching and mentoring and its role in student performance.
  7. Infusing the humanities within medical and clinical education.
  8. Recognizing and addressing difficulties in the learning process.
  9. Action research around education and wellness in schools of medicine.

We are inviting proposals for the following:

Research Presentation: Research presentations are formal presentations of educational research being conducted by the author(s). The proposal should provide a clear research questions, a data collection method, and some tentative findings. Research presentations will include 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. The research presentation sessions will include 3-4 presentations.

Workshop, Small Group Discussion, or Panel: These sessions are designed to focus on a topic relevant to medical education and promote interactive and active learning. In a panel, the discussion should involve diverse perspectives of those with experience. Small group discussion topics should foster deeper discussion among the participants. A workshop should incorporate hands-on skills building or foster interactive growth on a particular topic. These sessions will be scheduled for one hour.

Poster: The poster sessions are designed to disseminate and discuss completed research and its application to medical education. Posters will be available digitally as well as displayed at the conference. Some posters may be selected to participate in the research presentations.

Evaluation of Submissions: The Symposium Planning Committee will review submissions and be looking for topics that are of interest to the medical education community, relevant and important to issues of teaching and learning, original and innovative, include clear descriptions, and describe lessons learned. With the Workshops, Small Group Discussions, and Panels, the committee will want to ensure that the proposal indicates a high level of interaction.

Help with a Proposal?

Do you have a research, small group discussion, workshop, or poster idea but need help crafting a proposal for submission? The Academy for Scholarship in Education as well as the Symposium Planning Committee wants to help! Send an e-mail with your request for help. If we have a number of people interested in getting help, we will set up a couple of sessions prior to the February 3 deadline. If we have a couple of requests, we will schedule appointments with our experienced committee members. We want you to succeed!

Academy Luncheon: Be sure to join us for the Academy for Scholarship in Education annual recognition of outstanding educators. We are hosting a luncheon to honor faculty members and students dedicated to teaching, service, and educational scholarship.

Registration: All accepted speakers are expected to attend the Symposium. To cover the expense of the provided luncheon, there will be a small registration fee for faculty and staff. The fee is $10 for faculty and staff. Registered students and residents may attend for free. The registration site will be available soon.

Learn More: If you have questions and want to learn more, please contact the Director of the Academy for Scholarship in Education, Jeanne Koehler, PhD, at

Premier Sponsors: This Symposium on Teaching and Learning is made possible by our generous sponsors who are deeply committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We are grateful for their leadership and support!

  1. Department of Family Medicine
  2. Department of Internal Medicine
  3. Department of Medical Education
  4. Department of Neurology
  5. Department of Psychiatry
  6. Department of Residency Affairs
  7. Medical Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology

Interested in Sponsoring the Symposium? If you would like to sponsor our Symposium, please contact Jeanne at




2016 Award Winners

2015-16 Outstanding Educator
John Mellinger, MD

2015-16 Academy Scholars
Lisabeth DiLalla, PhD
Kevin Dorsey, MD, PhD
Tobias Köhler, MD, MPH
John Mellinger, MD
Andrew Wilber, PhD

Outstanding Student Medical Educator
Sean Murray, MS3

Commitment to Teaching Honorees
Travis Healey, MS4
Kasia Plachta, MS4
Jason West, MS4
Austin Beason, MS3
Evyn Neumeister, MS3
Allen Ghareeb, MS2

Principal Author Poster Session Winners
Anneke Metz, PhD
James, Feimster, MS4
April McNeill, MS4
Carlos Avila, MD

2016 Keynote Speaker

Key Note Speaker: Mindy Schwartz, MD
Mindy Schwartz is a professor at the University of Chicago and is a national leader in teaching the history of medicine. Her work in this area includes the development of a case-based History of Medicine curriculum for medical students and faculty, unique in its emphasis on incorporating medical history into clinical practice. Dr. Schwartz has also been a leader in teaching clinical nutrition at Pritzker. In this interactive keynote, we will explore historical cases to identify what clinical decision making approaches are still relevant and important in a day and age of technology.


Student Panel: Envisioning New Models for Medical Education
Members of the SIU Med Ed interest group will make up this engaging panel. They will provide their perspective on how we could re-envision medical education to better meet the needs of patients, students, communities, and the profession. Through their eyes, we will get a glimpse of what the future of medical education could and should be. Dr. Anna Cianciolo, PhD, will moderate this panel discussion.

Both presentations are available in the Online Archive.

2015 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Louis Gomez, PhD, Professor/Chair, Education Department. Louis Gomez holds the MacArthur Chair in Digital Media and Learning in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California Los Angeles.

Dr. Gomez's presentation is available to view
Achievement and Other Gaps: The Hope of Closing Them through Improvement Science and Education

For more information contact: