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The Academy for Scholarship in Education

Symposium on Teaching and Learning


"3rd Annual Symposium on Teaching
and Learning"

April 10, 2012

"Transitions of Care Experience in an Internal Medicine Clerkship: Analysis of Students' Perspectives."
Susan Hingle, MD; Vajeeha Tabassum, MD; Akshra Verma, MD;
Nicole Roberts, PhD

"Hats off to Health: Using a Patient Education Skit to Teach Medical Students about Breast Health Activities."
Sarah Wells, BS; Tracey Smith, PHCNS, BC; Christine Carver, CNP

"Quality Curriculum: A Novel Approach to Addressing the ACGME Core Competencies."
Antonio Cummings, MD; James Waymack, MD;
Jonathan dela Cruz, MD; David Griffen, MD, PhD;
Christopher McDowell, MD

"Who We Treat and What We Learn: A Medical Student-run Clinic."
Benjamin Henkle, MPH; Natasha Kyte,
Tracey Smith, PHCNS-BC

"Using the Hidden Curriculum to Teach Professionalism during the Surgery Clerkship."
David Rogers, MD, MHPE; Margaret Boehler, MS; Nicole Roberts, PhD; and
Victoria Johnson, MD

"Service Learning: A Beneficial and Unique Component of Medical Education."
Emily Snyder, BBA; Eliza Davis, BS; and Tracey Smith, PHCNS-BC

"Medical Education Continuum: Fact, Fiction or Future?"
Keynote Speaker: Dave Davis, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCPC (hon)

"Patient-Physician Relationship (PPR) Sessions as a Toolto Maintain Student Empathy."
Lisabeth DiLalla, PhD; Linda Herrold, MS; and Cris Anderson, MD

"Interventional Radiology and Clinical Medical Student Education."
Nicholson Chadwick, MS IV; and Robert Burke, MD

"Development of an Institution Wide Hand-off Policy and Monitoring Protocol."
Erica Nelson, MD

"The Impact of a PCMH Clerkship Curriculum on NBME Subject Exam Performance."
Harald Lausen, DO; Jerry Kruse, MD; Tracey Smith, PHCNS; and
Steve Verhulst, PhD

"Competency Based Resident Assessment (CoBRA) in Internal Medicine: a framework for dissemination."
Andrew Varney, MD; Susan Hingle, MD and Christine Todd, MD

"Integrating Principles of Health Care Quality into Undergraduate Medical Education."
Kate Sanserino, BA

"Perspectives on Medical Education at SIU."
Christopher McDowell, MD; Ted Clark, MD; and Scott Burdette, MS IV

"Online Technologies Enabling Effective Pedagogies."
Speakers from the University of Illinois at Springfield, Raymond Schroeder
and Karen Swan

"Perspectives on Diagnostic Reasoning – A Literature Review."
Anna Cianciolo, PhD

"iLearning: Integrating Technology in the Medical Learning Environment."
Jonathan dela Cruz, MD; Ted Clark, MD; Sumesh Jain, MD

"Just Because You Taught it Doesn't Mean They Learned It! How to Use What we Know About Learning to Teach."
Nicole Roberts, PhD

"Stability of Empathy Rated by Standardized Patients During Medical Education."
Melinda Conlee, BS; Jerry Colliver, PhD; Linda Morrison, MSW and
Randall Robbs, PhD

"Hello Desire2Learn (D2L)! Review of D2L and its Pedagogical Opportunites."
Heeyoung Han, PhD; Connie Poole, and Nate Wetter-Taylor MS IV

"Patient Summaries: A Educational Vehicle towards Developing Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning."
Eric Niederhoffer, PhD