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Research Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a wide range of services at a minimal cost to University departments and faculty, supporting and enhancing their ability to learn, teach, conduct research and serve the community.

The Division of Research Services supports educational research and administrative activities by providing technical consultation, engineering, manufacturing, design, and repair services. Skilled technicians are on staff to meet your every need, in machining, equipment assembly, instrument testing and other areas.

Equipment Repair

The Research Services Shop is a well-equipped mechanical and electronic shop that supports all departments in the School of Medicine.

Research Services offers, on request, repairs and contracts for preventive maintenance on various pieces of laboratory, clinical and office equipment including the following:

    • Laser Printers
    • Fume Hoods / Safety Cabinets
    • Autoclaves
    • Microscopes
    • Analytical Balances
    • Refrigerator / Freezers
    • Exam Room Equipment
    • Scales


The Research Services Shop provides calibration services for both laboratory and clinical equipment. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Scales
    • Thermometers
    • Laser Equipment

Mechanical Fabricationsfabrication

Research Services provides high quality, precision machine work on a variety of materials including metals and plastics. We are an excellent resource for assistance in the repair, maintenance and fabrication of complex, specialized scientific or mechanical equipment.

The shop features a mill, lathe, drill press, and welding equipment. The services provided include: precision machining, welding, brazing, soldering, sheet metal working, plexiglas fabrication, equipment assembly and rebuilding.


Surgical and Fine Instrument Sharpening

Research Services can provide repair and sharpening services for surgical and fine instruments. Sharpening dull instruments extends service life and reduces replacement costs. Shapened


Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen and Ultra-Low Freezer Storage

Dry Ice

Dry ice, liquid nitrogen and ultra-low freezer storage are available to assist laboratories in meeting their needs. Dry ice and liquid nitrogen will be stocked for back-up use to prevent shortages of these supplies. We also offer secured freezer space to safely store your materials in the event of a freezer breakdown.  These services are provided at a nominal fee and will be available during normal business hours by contacting DRS or after hours from SIU Security.



Large DI systemHigh Purity Water - Deionization Systems

Phone or visit Research Services to inquire about water purification. We offer researchers the best in water treatment technology for use in either the laboratory or clinical environment.






Electronic RepairElectronic Repair and Fabrication

Research Services is an excellent resource for assistance in the repair, maintenance, and fabrication or purchase of electronics related instrumentation and components. We offer electronic repair on many types of research and clinical equipment. In addition, we can design and construct electronic instrumentation. The services offered on electrical equipment include, but are not limited to: audio and video recorders, overhead projectors, power supplies, IV pumps, centrifuges, sonicators, spectrophotometers, and water baths.


Fume Hood and Safety Cabinet Testing

Research Services manages the SIU fume hood and biological cabinet maintenance program. Fume hoods and biological  safety cabinets are tested and certified to ensure proper operation and adequate airflow.