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Grant Review Committee (GRC)

Research Seed Grant Funding (RSG)

The goal of the RSG program is to assist faculty in generating preliminary data that can be used to support applications for extramural funding. Collaborations that are inter-disciplinary or bridge departments or campuses are viewed as strengths of applications. RSG awards are available to faculty at both Carbondale and Springfield campuses through the office of the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs (ADRFA) and are evaluated for funding by the GRC. There are two RSG funding mechanisms: RSG Regular funding (see Section I) and RSG Near-Miss funding (see Section II). The regular RSG funding is intended to develop grant-writing skills, and hence the competitiveness of faculty who are not highly experienced at writing grant proposals. New and clinical investigators can submit their applications in advance of the regular application date and receive a critique that can be used to refine and improve the final application. The RSG Near-Miss funding is available annually to those who have applied for external funding but were not funded. For this program, a sub-committee of externally funded faculty reviews all applications and ranks proposals based on the likelihood that the recipient will use the funds to generate preliminary data sufficient to address concerns raised in the critique. The ADRFA uses those rankings to determine allocation of funds.