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Research Committees

Conflict of Interest Information

SIU School of Medicine encourages its employees to participate in sponsored research, to consult widely, and to engage in other activities that may benefit not only the participants but also the medical school and the public. However, while the medical school recognizes the benefits of such activities, it is also committed to ensuring that they are done properly. To this end, the medical school has established policies governing possible conflicts of interest and commitment. Information is available on the COI page:

Committee Overviews

The Grant Review Committee (GRC) serves solely for the purpose of peer reviewing research proposals for scientific merit. It acts as a reviewing agency for approval or disapproval of such proposals.

The Infection Control and Safety Committees' (ICSC) main role in medical research is to approve the use of hazardous chemicals, biological agents, and recombinant DNA (r-DNA) in research laboratories.

Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee (LACUC) has the responsibility to oversee Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's animal program, facilities and procedures.

The Radiological Control Committee (RCC) is charged with the responsibility to oversee all matters relating to the licenses issued by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety and with the procurement and safe use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices on the Springfield Campus, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. This responsibility includes the authorization to regulate the procurement, utilization and disposal of all radioactive material and radiation-producing devices in order to assure compliance with the regulations of the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety to safeguard the health and safety of SIU School of Medicine personnel and the entire community. The RCC also serves as the official regulatory body to the faculty and staff in matters relating to the safe use of all radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices in teaching, research and development. The RCC formulates basic policies for uniform practice throughout the Springfield Campus wherever radioactive materials or radiation-producing devises are involved. These regulative and monitoring functions assure that radioactive materials are being procured, utilized and disposed of in such a manner so as to preclude the possibility of endangering the health or safety of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine-Springfield personnel, students or residents of the community.

The primary function of the Research Policy Committee (RPC) is to formulate and execute policies related to research at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The RPC also advises the administration on faculty issues pertaining to research.

The Faculty Council represents the School of Medicine faculty and is responsible for gathering and representing the opinion of the faculty to the Dean and Administration. Faculty are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.