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Excellence in Academic Medicine

Forms and Calendar of Events

The Grant Review Committee (GRC) provides peer review of research proposals for scientific merit. It acts as a reviewing agency for approval or disapproval of such proposals. If approved, the proposals are ranked in order of priority for School of Medicine funding. Rank is based soley on scientific merit.

Electronic submission is required (1 pdf document). Electronically submitted proposals will be posted for reviewers on a secure website on the ADRFA's site. Electronic submissions must be sent as one pdf file to Kristi Katcher, at

The original copy needs to be sent to mailcode 9616 or delivered to room 2073, 801 N. Rutledge

EAM Near Miss Calendar

February 9, 2012 Call for Proposals for EAM Near-Miss Awards
March 5, 2012 EAM Near-Miss Applications Due
Mid-March 2012 Meeting of the Allocation Committee
Late March 2012 Notify EAM Near-Miss Awardees
April 2, 2012 Start Date for EAM N-M Awardees

EAM Calendar

November 16, 2011 Email Call for Proposals for EAM (Regular) Awards
December 14, 2011 EAM Grant Proposals Due (electronic version for Springfield and Carbondale; hard copy for Springfield)
December 15, 2011 Carbondale EAM Grant Proposals Hard Copy Postmark Date
December 19, 2011 Reviewer Assignments Made
January 9, 2012 Critiques Submitted to GRC Committee Administrator
Late January GRC Meeting to Review Applications
Early February Meeting of the Allocation Committee
Mid-February 2012 Notify EAM Grant Awardees
March 1, 2012 Start Date for EAM Awardees


EAM Forms

Click on the documents below and follow the instructions on the pop up window if that doesn't work, proceed as follows: click your right mouse button once on the link you need. A drop down menu will appear. Choose the "Save Link As" selection. When the "Save As" dialog box appears, you will need to chose which drive and folder you want the information saved to and then click the save button. You can then access the form and fill them in from your word processing program.

Regular Submission

Application for EAM Award

Abstract-Health Relevance page

EAM Application Checklist

EAM Biographical Sketch and Key Personnel page

EAM Budget Justification Page

EAM Budget Page

EAM Other Support Page

EAM Resources Page

Instructions for RESEARCH PROPOSAL PORTION of Applications


Near Miss Submission

Application for EAM Near- Miss Award - Call for proposals view pdf >