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Fringe Benefit Rates

The US Department of Health and Human Services has recently approved an increase in fringe benefit rates. Effective July 1, 2013, future grant proposals should reflect the following rates:

• Faculty and Staff - 45.5%

• Retired Employees - 1.5%

• Extra Help - 7.7%

• Graduate Students - 50% of Primary Care Fee

• Undergraduate Students / Student Workers - None

Fringe benefits must be budgeted in grants for all SIU personnel who have salary being charged to the grant. Fringe benefits are not budgeted for graduate assistants or student workers.

J-1 Visa Employees who are not eligible for fringes are included in the Student classification. Once they become eligible for fringes & they are moved to the Faculty & Staff classification, then the grant is assessed at 43.1%.

To avoid a fringe charge, SIU students must be hired as student help. If undergraduate or graduate SIU students are hired as Extra Help, they are subject to the 7.7% rate.

The University's Facilities & Administrative (F&A, or indirect) cost rates set by the federal government have established fringe benefit rates (all medical insurance, retirement, medicare) as a single percentage of salary. This will be the case for the duration of the F&A agreement (7/1/12 through 6/30/16).

View the College and Universities Rate Agreement FY 2014 [pdf]

This message has already been sent to faculty. Please forward this information to department staff that help prepare grant applications.

Please direct any questions regarding this to Pam Burk, 217-545-8174, or Bebie Custeau, 217-545-4549,, in the Springfield office of the Associate Dean for Research.