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Agency web site: is intended as a centralized web site for federal grant information and submission of grant proposals to federal agencies. Here are some guidelines and things to be aware of when submitting grant applications through

Principal investigators do not need to register with or with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). ADRFA has registered for the University. The Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) referred to on the site is not the P.I., but the institutional official who provides the final signoff on grants (i.e., Dr. Linda Toth, Associate Dean for Research). In some cases, however, principal investigators need to register with a specific funding agency to access its forms.

Your first step is to check the grant funding agency web site to see if it has a portal to If it does, (i.e. NIH) proceed by clicking that link and following the directions to download your pdf application form.

  1. From the agency web site, download to your computer desktop all of the agency-specific forms required for your proposal submission. Fill out these forms and save them; you will later need to attach them to your application form. At some point in the process you will usually need to enter something called the DUNS number, which is 038415006. At that point, some of the required information may be generated automatically from a centralized database.
  2. Next, download the appropriate application and instructions to your computer desktop. To locate the correct application package on, you will need the CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) number or the funding opportunity number for the grant program. These can be found in the program guidelines, usually near the beginning.
  3. Read the instructions carefully before getting started; agencies differ in their requirements and procedures.
  4. Open the application you downloaded. The "Mandatory Documents" box partway down the page will list a number of forms that you must click on and fill out. Save these forms periodically as you work on them; be sure to give the system time to save each form completely, or you may lose data. To complete some of the certification forms, you may need to refer to numbers found on ADRFA's website under grant information.
  5. You can double check completed forms by opening them from the "completed" box. To make any changes, however, you must move the form back to the "Mandatory Documents" window before the program will allow you to edit the form.
  6. When you have completed the mandatory forms, go down to the "Optional Documents" box and click on "Other Attachments Form." This will open a page that will allow you to attach your completed agency-specific forms to the application. Save the application after attaching the forms.
  7. Submit the electronic file by email to Pam Burk at or Bebie Custeau at, a hard copy printout of the complete application and your completed, signed Goldenrod Form and COI form to ADRFA for review and processing.
  8. Once the proposal and budget have been reviewed, as well as the Goldenrod form your proposal will be electronically submitted.

If you have questions or difficulties, contact Pam Burk at 545-8174 or Bebie Custeau at 545-4549.