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Grant Subcontracting and Monitoring Process

ADRFA reviews and processes subcontracts for vendors or other Colleges and Universities that are associated with our grant awards. This same procedure also applies to subcontract amendments.

Please refer to the chart below for handling. The grants and contracts office is the "office of record" for the subcontracting documents which will be included in the grant award file.

Below are the following subcontracting templates that need to be utilized dependent upon the type of vendor or university with whom the grant award is paying:

  1. Subcontract template - Download Word Document
  2. Subcontract amendment - Download Word Document
  3. Subcontract amendment (sample) - Download Word Document
  4. MMC Subcontract template - Download Word Document
  5. FDP Federal Subaward Forms - available here:

For full details regarding this procedure, please contact Pam Burk, Grants Administrator in the ADRFA Grants and Contracts Office at 217-545-8174 or

Actor Action
Department/unit business manager or ADRFA 1) Determines the need for a subcontract from a new or existing grant.
2) If no contract is required because the amount is less than $20,000 (Illinois Procurement Code) and the vendor will be assisting with completion of the research, then memoranda of understanding must be exchanged between the PI and vendor to identify the work to be completed by the vendor. The department business manager should involve ADRFA if assistance is needed.
Department business manager 3) Prepares the subcontract using the subcontract template found on the ADRFA website. Note: If work is being subcontracted to another college or university, check with ADRFA. If the other college or university is subject to the same OMB standards as SIU, then the FDP subcontract model may be applicable instead of the standard grant subcontract template.
Department business manager 4) Sends the subcontract to ADRFA for compliance review in relation to grant requirements.
ADRFA's subcontract review includes: A) Propriety in relation to grant restrictions; grant terms and conditions necessary for the subcontract.
B) Completeness of the subcontractor’s Statement of Work that is necessary to perform the overall grant work.
C) Available grant funding: Has the subK budget been developed and approved by the PI and formatted for inclusion in subK? Is the grant budget period relevant to the proposed subK? Are AIS grant funds available?
D) Intent for vendor service to be provided during the grant budget period.
E) Referral to SIU Legal to ensure legal compliance/formatting and to secure Legal’s approval.
F) Note: Extra review time is needed if human subjects are involved.
ADRFA 5) Returns the subcontract to the department for revision, if necessary.
Department business manager 6) Returns the final version to ADRFA for approval & Legal initialing of review, once the revisions are complete.
ADRFA and Legal 7) Once the subK has been initialed by ADRFA staff & Legal, it is returned to the department business manager to mail.
Department business manager 8) Responsible for routing the contract for signatures to the vendor and within the department, and returning the originally signed subK to ADRFA for final Institutional endorsement.
Department business manager 9) Submits requisition to Purchasing if not previously done.
ADRFA 10) Sends one original fully executed subK to the subcontractor, and keeps the original for its files. ADRFA sends a copy of the fully executed subK to the Department, Purchasing, Stefanie Moy-Zobus, GA and Comptroller (Attn: Julia Diehls) for their grant files.
ADRFA 11) Only the Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs (ADRFA) is authorized to legally sign and accept subcontracts stemming from grants.
Purchasing Director 12) The Purchasing Director is only authorized to sign and accept subcontracts from non-grants on behalf of the SIU Board of Trustees.

Monitoring and Conduct of Subcontract

The department business manager is responsible for receiving and approving billing requests from the subcontractor. The department business manager should confirm with the PI that the work required for the requested payment has been completed by the vendor and that vendor technical reports have been submitted.

Billing requests must comply with the terms and conditions of the subcontract. If appropriate, the department submits AIS IDF for payment of billing. If subcontracting with another entity subject to A-133 requirements, Grants Accounting reviews the entity’s financial statements for verification of compliance from the subcontractor and to determine if any conditions exist that require more stringent subcontracting or would preclude SIU’s involvement with the subcontractor. Such verification can be a copy of the subcontractor’s annual audit or a website review of published financial reports. This assessment also includes an annual review of existing grant subcontractors.

At the time of submission of a proposed subcontract to ADRFA for review/approval, a purchase requisition should also be completed. It can be forwarded to the Purchasing in-box or emailed.