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SIU Grant Application Submission Policy




Due to increasing numbers of grant and contract proposals and electronic submission requirements by funding agencies, the Office of the Associate Dean for Research (ADRFA) has established a 3-day deadline for receipt of all proposal submissions. This deadline is needed to fairly serve all investigators and to ensure timely submission of proposals. All proposals in final form, for both hard copy and electronic submissions, must be submitted to ADRFA 3 full University business days PRIOR to the funding agency's submission deadline. For example, if a proposal is due to the funding agency by Friday at 5 p.m. CST, the proposal must be submitted to ADRFA no later than 5 p.m. CST on Tuesday of that week. All proposals must be accompanied by a completed and signed grant approval routing form signed by all required parties, including the Principal Investigator, participating faculty, and Department Chair, as applicable, to be considered complete.

Proposals Submitted To ADRFA After The Deadline

All proposals submitted less than 3 full University business days before the funding agency's deadline will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis by your Grants Administrator following the completion of proposals that were submitted on time. For proposals submitted after the ADRFA deadline, reasonable efforts will be made to complete the review and submission process before the funding agency's deadline. However, a successful submission cannot be guaranteed due to the level of review required by the ADRFA staff for electronic submissions and the high volume of proposals, particularly at major deadlines. ADRFA is not responsible for failed submissions if applicants do not heed this deadline.

Grants.Gov Submission Information

The deadline also applies to all submissions. Early submission of federal electronic grant applications to ADRFA is required to allow time for and the funding agencies to conduct their electronic validation processes. If errors and/or warnings are identified by or the funding agency, they must be corrected and the entire application successfully resubmitted by ADRFA prior to the original funding agency deadline. ADRFA's experience with all submissions has shown that 33% of all SIUSOM applications have been required to be resubmitted. NIH reports that 36% of all applications received nationally were resubmitted once and 10% resubmitted twice. Allowing adequate time for the resubmission process (making corrections, re-reviewing the application and resubmitting the application) is imperative to ensure that applications are validated through by the funding agency's deadline.


The ADRFA will require that a detailed budget and narrative justification be provided for all grant applications submitted for external funding. This budget should be prepared on the standard NIH budget form, with one form per year of requested funding.

The detailed budget must delineate the following for each year of anticipated funding:

  1. All personnel who will be paid on the grant, including name, department, job title, total salary, % effort on the grant, percentage and amount of salary that will be charged to the grant.
  2. Fringe benefits that will be charged to the grant.
  3. Supplies and commodities, delineated in general terms, including small items of equipment (<$5,000).
  4. Anticipated animal procurement, duration of housing, and special care or equipment needs, in general terms.
  5. Travel, indicating persons or positions expected to travel and the estimated cost per trip.
  6. Equipment (items costing over $5,000), with justification.
  7. Anticipated use of core services (estimated hours or effort) (Research Imaging and Flow Cytometry, Research Services, Statistics & Research Consulting).
  8. Other costs (specify).
  9. Collaborative/consortium arrangements.

This budget and narrative justification must be provided to the ADRFA to either Pam Burk or Bebie Custeau no less than 2 weeks prior to the due date of the application. The final budget must be approved by the ADRFA before the grant is submitted.

We appreciate your assistance as we all work together to make these processes successful. Please contact either Pam Burk at 217-545-8174 or email, with any questions you have regarding the proposal submission process. Or visit



Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Proposals cannot be submitted electronically nor signatures acquired on hard copy proposals after 4:30 p.m.