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SCRIHS Guidance

Who is Considered Authorized Study Personnel (ASP)?

Definition of ASP: Authorized study personnel are research personnel who are directly involved in conducting research with human subjects, or who are directly involved with the handling of identifiable private information related to those subjects, including protected health information, in the course of a research project.
NOTE: All ASP must complete the SCRIHS required CITI training prior to participation in human subjects research.

    ASP who should be listed on the SCRIHS application:
  • Principal Investigator and Co-investigators
  • Research Nurses and Coordinators
  • Any individual engaged in the research meeting the definition of ASP
    • All ASP who engage in the informed consent process are included on the ASP list AND the informed consent form. It is possible for ASP to be listed on the ASP list but NOT the informed consent form because they are not involved in the consenting process.

      Examples of persons who do not need to be listed as ASP:
    • Consultants
    • Non-authoring Statisticians
    • Individuals performing clinical trial-related medical services that are performed as part of their routine, daily activities (for example: phlebotomists, x-ray or CT technicians)

    *Any changes to ASP (additions OR deletions) must be reported as an amendment to SCRIHS