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DSMB Charter Template
Protocol-Related Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
Determination of Human Subject Research Form
Termination Form
When Do Activities Need Institutional Review Board (IRB) Review and Approval?


A Guide to HIPAA
Data Use Agreement
Request for Access to PHI for Work Preparatory to Research
Researcher Representation for Research on Decedents

Informed Consent Templates

Informed Consent Form - Master Template used for all consent form submissions
Alternative Consent Form Front Page - Alternative front page for subjects who are not patients undergoing treatment (e.g. educational studies).
Consent Form for Human Specimen Collection - Use this template if you are collecting human specimens specifically for the intended research
Consent Form for Tissue Banking - Use this template if you are collecting human specimens and storing them for future, unknown research purposes.
Assent for Minors (Children between the ages of 5-17)
Assent Form for Cognitively Impaired
The NCI Consent Form Template for Adult Cancer Trials