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DSMB Charter Template
Protocol Elements Expediated - Exempt
Protocol Elements (Full Board)
Compliance Assessment Checklist
Protocol-Related Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form


Request for Access to PHI for Work Preparatory to Research
Researcher Representation for Research on Decedents

Informed Consent Templates

Informed Consent Form - Master Template used for all consent form submissions (Instructions for Informed Consent Template)
Alternative Consent Form Front Page - Alternative front page for subjects who are not patients undergoing treatment (e.g. educational studies).
Consent Form for Human Specimen Collection - Use this template if you are collecting human specimens specifically for the intended research
Consent Form for Tissue Banking - Use this template if you are collecting human specimens and storing them for future, unknown research purposes.
Assent for Minors
Assent (Participants who lack decisional capacity)
LAR (Legally Authorized Representative) Consent
The NCI Consent Form Template for Adult Cancer Trials