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Office of Technology Transfer

MTAs, CDAs, and Other Agreements

The MTA/CDA Process

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs), and other transfer agreements related to research or a specific technology are handled through the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). All agreements must be reviewed by the OTT and then approved by legal counsel before being signed by the appropriate institutional official. Some agreements may also require language negotiation with the company/institution. The OTT handles the entire agreement process, which usually takes several days to a week; however, more complicated agreements may take several weeks.

General Instructions

All MTAs, CDAs, and other similar agreements should be forwarded to the OTT immediately for the fastest processing time. Electronic materials should be forwarded to Following the guidelines and tips below will help ensure that the process goes as quickly as possible.

  • Obtain an electronic (preferably editable) version of the agreement and contact information for the company/institution whenever possible.
  • If the agreement needs to be filled out, use the Institutional Information and Signature Blocks listed at the bottom of the page or just leave these areas blank for the OTT to fill in.
  • Forward a copy of the agreement (preferably electronic) to the OTT along with contact information for the company/institution.
  • After review, the OTT will handle any necessary language negotiations.
  • After approval of the agreement, the OTT will obtain institutional signature(s) and contact you if your signature is needed as well.
  • The OTT will route the executed agreement to the appropriate contact person and send you a copy.

*If the agreement is an MTA from Addgene, the OTT will automatically receive the agreement by email and route the agreement for approval. You do not need to take further action after ordering the materials.

*If no agreement is provided by the company/institution, please contact the OTT directly with details of the transfer and contact information. The OTT will then work with the company/institution to construct and negotiate an agreement suited to your needs.

Institutional Information and Signature Blocks

Always use The Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University as the institutional name when filling out agreements. One of the following signature blocks should be used for the institutional approval section. Generally, Dr. Toth’s signature block is used for MTAs and Dr. Dorsey’s signature block is used for CDAs.

Signature Block Example