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Office of Technology Transfer

SIU-SOM Available Technologies

The SIU-SOM Office of Technology Transfer has developed a diverse patent and intellectual property portfolio with technologies in several key areas such as: novel therapeutics for cancer treatment toxicities, DNA/RNA research tools, antibodies, tinnitus testing, biomarkers, vaccines, and more. Please click on one of the links below to access a non-confidential summary and contact information for a specific technology. For information on developing these technologies and others not listed on this page, please contact Robert Patino at (217) 545-8168 or

Drugs, Therapeutics and Diagnostics

  1. Antimicrobial Peptides and Methods of Use
  2. The Use of Transplatin in Hearing Loss
  3. ARL-1 Specific Antibodies and ARL-1 Biomarker
  4. Therapeutic Use of Methionine to Reduce the Toxicity of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics
  5. Therapeutic Use of Methionine to Reduce the Toxicity of Platinum-Containing Anti-Tumor Compounds
  6. Therapeutic Use of Methionine for the Treatment or Prevention of Mucositis
  7. Therapeutic Use of Methionine to Reduce the Toxicity of Noise
  8. Effective Genital Herpes Vaccine

Research Tools and Miscellaneous Technologies

  1. A Genetic Selection System for Identification of microRNA Target Genes
  2. Picture Memory Recognition Test for Dementia Patients

Medical Devices

  1. Tinnitus Testing Device and Method
  2. Laser Resistant Calculus/Material Retrieval Device and Method of Using