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Office of Technology Transfer

Request an Evaluation/Disclose an Invention

Two Step Disclosure Process

The SIU-SOM invention disclosure and evaluation process is accomplished in two steps.

Step One- an original signed Evaluation Request Form is submitted to the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) for initial idea evaluation. Once the review is complete, the OTT sends an Evaluation to the developer encouraging one of several possible technology disposition options.

During initial review of the technology, the OTT primarily evaluates whether a new technology is patentable or otherwise protectable (trademarks, copyrights, etc.). There are many factors that influence patentability, including the type of new technology (chemical, device, method, etc.) and the state of development. A more detailed discussion of patentability criteria can be found on the "Intellectual Property Explained" page. It should be noted that novel mechanisms of action for existing therapeutics may not be sufficient to recommend patent protection for a technology. Often a novel formulation or method of administration is needed to justify the cost involved in obtaining patent protection.

The OTT also evaluates the marketability of the technology. Market size and competing technologies, among other factors, are analyzed to determine the difficulty in developing and commercializing a new technology.

Step Two- the developer receives the Evaluation and chooses how to proceed with the disclosed technology. The developer has several options, including pursuing the technology or abandoning it. If the developer pursues the technology, the Invention Disclosure portion of the Evaluation is signed and submitted to the OTT. The developer then presents to the Patent & Copyright Committee, who makes a recommendation to the Dean and Provost on whether SIU-SOM should support the invention.


Evaluation Request Form

Make sure to complete all sections of the form, especially those regarding known prior art and sponsorship information. Be sure to list all potential developers. When the form is complete, print and sign an original copy. Forward the original to the Office of Technology Transfer, 801 N. Rutledge, Room 2061, Mail Code 9616.

Download the Evaluation Request Form Download