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Office of Technology Transfer


SIU School of Medicine has revitalized its efforts in establishing and promoting its intellectual property rights in research-related technologies through the Office of Technology Transfer. The development of intellectual property rights helps advance the School of Medicine’s reputation as an innovator in the areas of Medicine and Health and allows the University to gain valuable access to important business partners, large and small. The purpose of the Office of Technology Transfer is to:

 Robert Patino, J.D.

Robert Patino, J.D. Director
Office of Technology Transfer

    • Educate the faculty and staff on the benefits and legal aspects of intellectual property related issues;
    • Serve as a valuable resource to faculty and staff who need assistance in obtaining patent or copyright protection and licensing activities;
    • Assist in developing start-up companies and industry ties to bring products to market;
    • Promote and market such ideas and inventions for the benefit of the public and the University;
    • Work with community and regional partners to enhance economic development;
    • Negotiate and enforce intellectual property rights and licensing obligations; and
    • Develop policies and procedures consistent with SIU’s mission to better serve the people of central and southern Illinois.