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Tom Handy801 N. Rutledge St.
Springfield, Illinois

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Visual Communications

Conveniently located on campus at 801 North Rutledge, Tom Handy specializes in presentation graphics and digital services for the medical profession. He is experienced with projects that embrace the new technologies and is able to provide solutions to traditional presentation needs, prepared to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them. Are you in need of ideas for an upcoming project?



I am a producer of web sites and graphic design for print and presentation.

I focus on creating design that communicates through words, images, and occasionally sound. My services are available to state agencies, educational and medical institutions, as well as non-profit organizations. My work has been featured in national publications and presentations given throughout the world.

I am most often involved in all phases of a project. I liaise with project leaders, printers and IT specialists to create projects that not only meet expectations but exceed them.


My services are concentrated within the field of communication, my abilities are diverse.

Think of me as a resource for your communication needs. My goal is to give your project the visual presence it deserves.

I apply techniques from the disciplines that I have studied and worked with during my career. Graphic design, web development, photography and audio production have been areas of communication that I have been able to evolve with as technology continues to change.

My background, job titles that have included those within the photographic, digital imaging and web specialist series, has given me the skills necessary to use these methods to their fullest advantage. The result is content that is more accessible, engaging, and persuasive.