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Center for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (CADRD)

Robert Struble, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry & Pathology

Administrative Offices: 217-545-4429


Research Interests

Alzheimer’s disease

Education and Training

B.A. Biology
Claremont Men's College, Claremont, California
California State University, Los Angeles, California
M.A., Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (Physiological), University of California, Riverside, California


Robert Struble is currently the director of the AD autopsy program at CADRD.  He is also the Director of Basic Research at the Center.  Prior to coming to SIU, he spent ten years at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Neuropathology Laboratory, first as a research associate then as a Assistant Professor of Pathology where he directed the AD autopsy program and worked on animal models of AD.  He moved to SIU in 1988 to help develop the CADRD autopsy program.  He received a PhD. In Experimental Psychology from the University of California, Riverside in 1976 and was a post-doctoral fellow at Purdue University from 1976-1978.   

His research interests focus on the role of AD pathology in the causation of dementia, apolipoprotein E and regeneration, and the role of ovarian hormones in cognitive function and brain repair.  He actively collaborates with colleagues at the Carbondale campus of SIU and Eastern Illinois University.  He is a member of the Society for Neuroscience and the American Association of Neuropathologists. 


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