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Center for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (CADRD)

2010 Conference on Memory Loss
15 Years of Synchronizing Science and Support

 Handouts titles available for download are underlined and in blue.


November 15 Session Handouts

Session 1: Ron Zeczec
The Multiple Causes of Memory Decline


Session 4: Benjamin T. Brown
What Families Need to Know about Powers of Attorney

What Families Need to Know about Guardianship

 Session 2: Tom Alaala
Alzheimer’s Disease:  What Have We Learned in the Past Year?


Session 3: Nicole BatschNicole
Take Your Power Back:  Tools to Cope with Memory Loss

Session 5: Karen StobbeKaren
Stop, Look & Listen:  Communicating in a World of Dementia


November 16 Session Handouts

Opening Keynote 1:

Experiences Matter:  The Emerging Science of LindaRecreational Therapy for Dementia
Linda L. Buettner

Opening Keynote 2:

I Remember Better When I Paint Bernaand
Creative Arts Resource Book
Berna G. Huebner

Closing Keynote: Being in the MomentKaren
Karen Stobbe



Breakout Sessions

Session 1ala
Understanding the Different Dementias
Tom Ala

Session 2lyn
Who Cares about Apathy?
Lin Buettner

Session 3kara
Making Meaning Out of Challenging Behavior
Kara Thomas

Session 4Becky
Culture Change in Long Term Care:  The Trials and Tribulations
Becky Haldorson

Session 5Uday
Contributing to Brain Health:  The Role We Can Play
Uday Deoskar

Session 6Karen
Stop, Look & Listen: Communi- cating in a World of Dementia
Karen Stobbe

Session 7Orlinda
Ethical Dilemmas in Dementia Care
Orlinda Deweese

Session 8
Implementing Family Support GroupsNicole
Nicole Batsch

Session 9CarolynHS
Dementia Signs, Symptoms and Care:  Open Forum for Questions & Answers
Carolyn Hahn-Swanson

Session 10Sandy
Early-Onset Dementia:  Presentation  and Implications for Care
Sandy Burgener

Session 11Tara
Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships with Families and Caregivers
Tara Kaiser

Session 12Judy
Experience Creative & Therapeutic Arts!
Handout 1
Handout 2
Judy Holstein

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