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Memory and Aging Clinic Faculty

Tom Ala, MD, Associate Professor, Interim Medical Director

Rodger Elble, MD, PhD, Professor

Cindy Womack, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, CNRN

Charlene Young, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, CNP

Ronald F. Zec, PhD, Associate Professor, Neuropsychologist


Memory and Aging Clinic Staff

Joyce Baird, Medical Office Associate

Sandra R. Firebaugh, RN, MSN, Administrative Nurse

Stephanie Kohlrus, BS, Researcher - Psychometrist

Carol Phillips, Ambulatory Care Manager

Ann Jirmasek, MA, Clinical Gerontology Specialist

Amy Richey, Licensed Practical Nurse

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Angela Ardoin, MA - Clinical Research Specialist

Sally Fritz, MA, Researcher - Psychometrist

Erin R. Hascup, PhD - Assistant Professor

Kevin N. Hascup, PhD - Research Associate

Barbara Lokaitis, BA - Clinical Trials Coordinator

Brian Moore, MD, MEd - Associate Professor, Brain Bank Director

Jenna M. Seelbach, RN, BSN - Clinical Research Specialist

Ron Zec, PhD - Associate Professor


Outreach & Education
(including Memory & Aging Network)

Greg Kyrouac, MSEd, Director of Outreach & Education Programs

Maggie Schaver, MPA

Algernon Baidy, Researcher I

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Administration & Support

Tom Ala, MD, Associate Professor, Interim Medical Director

Greg Bellaver, MS, Assistant to the Chair

Lisa Daniels, BA, Business/Administrative Associate

Lisa DeLuka, LAN Administrator

Carol Forestier, BS, Office Administrator

Bruce Monroe, Database Administrator

Karen Riva, Administrative Aide

Teresa Shores, BS, Grants and Contracts Accountant

Jeff Wake, BS, IT Technical Associate


Affiliate Faculty

Andrzej Bartke, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine, Director of Geriatric Medicine Research, SIU School of Medicine, Springfield

Peter Patrylo, PhD, Department of Physiology, SIU School of Medicine, Carbondale

Greg Rose, PhD, Director, Center for Integrated Research in Cognitive & Neural Sciences, Department of Anatomy, SIU School of Medicine, Carbondale

CADRD is affiliated and shares resources with the SIU School of Medicine Department of Neurology.

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