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Clinical Research

Clinical research involves people.  It may involve patients, family members, and caregivers, and it may also involve tests on people, such as blood samples, radiological tests, memory tests, or other biological specimens.  Sometimes the intent of the clinical research is to help the patients, and the patients may therefore participate in a clinical trial to evaluate a promising new drug.  At other times the intent of the research is just to gain information from the patients, in the hopes of learning more about their condition in the hopes of helping others in the future. 

Clinical research may also involve family members or caregivers of patients, to assess how they may be dealing with the patient’s condition.  And in some cases the research may involve “normal” subjects, with the intent to learn how cognitively-normal people may age or respond to stress in order to compare their responses to patients, family members, or caregivers.  All clinical research at the SIU School of Medicine must be approved by its ethics committee (SCRIHS). 

Current Non-Interventional Research Studies at SIU CADRD

Caregiver Study

Clinical Drug Trials

CADRD has participated in many clinical drug trials over the years, including studies sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study) and those sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.  Although we work to keep this website as current as possible regarding active studies, sometimes things change quickly.  If you are interested in participating in a clinical drug trial, please contact us for the latest information.

Contact Information

Barbara Cray Lokaitis, BA, CCRP
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

What is a Clinical Drug Trial?

Also known as pharmaceutical research studies, clinical drug trials evaluate new treatments or compare new treatments to standard treatments, to find better ways to prevent, screen, diagnose and treat cognitive disorders or their associated symptoms

Why is a Clinical Drug Trial Important?

If a new treatment proves effective in a study, it may become a standard treatment that can help others. Clinical drug trials answer important scientific questions and often direct future research.  Besides helping to advance treatments, clinical drug trials offer patients access to treatment protocols that are not otherwise available.

Current Drug Trials at SIU CADRD

Merck Study Flyer & SIU Contact Information
Study Record
TCAD/ADCS Study Flyer & SIU Contact Information
Study Record

Other Clinical Research

CADRD researchers have been the principal investigators for many studies and also have been collaborators with investigators at other institutions.  Participants in clinical research often have been recruited from among those who visit our Memory & Aging Clinic or Memory and Aging Network sites, as well as from the general public. 

An example of clinical research is the SIU Study on Normal and Abnormal Cognitive Aging, led by Ron Zec, PhD, which has involved testing and following a large group of volunteer subjects over the course of many years.  To learn more about this study go to Study on Normal and Abnormal Cognitive Aging.

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