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Department of Anesthesiology


Consider the following situations regarding airway management.

    1. A 30 year old gravid female presents for emergent C-section. She just finished eating a large sausage and pepperoni pizza 20 minutes ago. This patient needs a rapid sequence intubation (RSI). List the steps involved in a Rapid Sequence Intubation and consider the rationale for each. What other patients might need a RSI?
    2. During ECT a patient's pulse ox reads 80 and ventilation is less that adequate, what can you do to improve mask ventilation? What clues do you have to indicate you're adequately ventilating the patient?
    3. After induction of anesthesia, you cannot ventilate and cannot intubate the patient ......... what now?
    4. You are asked to perform direct laryngoscopy on an infant for the first time ever. What differences, compared to the adult airway, are you expecting? How do you determine the size and length of an endotracheal tube for infants and children?