Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU

Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU is 63,000 square feet. With three floors and a lower level, it consolidates most of the School's multi-disciplinary cancer clinics, along with research and outreach services.

Stained glass window at SCI

This beautiful stained glass window is located on the second floor of the cancer institute. The piece was created by Al Sievers of Batavia, Il.

Healing Garden


There is a walkway between The Baylis Medical Building and The Breast Center to help with easier access.

Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU

The Breast Center is located on Level 2 and includes X-ray, ultrasound, nine exam rooms and a minor procedure room. Also located here are SIU’s offices for cancer research and clinical trials teams.

The Breast Center at SIU : 315 W.Carpenter Street : Springfield, IL 62702 : 217-545-7432

Dr. Mocharnuk with patientSince the opening of the Breast Center at SIU, we have emphasized the importance on interdisciplinary, or the team approach to breast cancer care in the Breast Center's mission. This means that the surgeon, the cancer specialist, radiologists, chemotherapy and medical staff plan your treatment plan together on your first visit. You will leave our offices that day with a treatment plan. We firmly believe that interdisciplinary care offers a more comprehensive and higher quality of care to both the patient and the patient's family.

The established components of interdisciplinary breast cancer care are: 

  • The development and adherence to critical pathways for diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance
  • Team presentation of all treatment options
  • Consensus treatment planning
  • Treatment approaches guided by evidence based medicine

Patients at the Breast Center at SIU truly benefit from truly coordinated care. They are tracked throughout the entire course of consultation, treatment, and recovery by nursing staff to assure that appropriate resources are provided, questions are answered in a timely manner, and all necessary emotional support is provided.

Our weekly interdisciplinary conference serves as the forum for discussion of breast cancer patients and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual patient, reached by consensus among the various cancer specialists in attendance. This consensus decision is recorded and serves as the basis for all future care to be provided.

All of us value the advantages of this "team" approach to breast cancer care. The team approach makes the entire process more convenient for the patient by allowing her to see all of the physicians and medical staff in one setting on one day, further emphasizing the fact that everyone is working together.

The Breast Center team of physicians and scientists continue to achieve and maintain the highest level of accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). A recent survey of our Center revealed 100% compliance on 27 standards reviewed in the accreditation process.

We rededicate ourselves to maintaining this level of quality because serving our patients in the best way possible remains our highest priority here at the Breast Center at SIU.