Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU School of Medicine

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Basic / Translational Research

Cancer Molecular Genetics/Early Detection Program

Program goal and objectivesBasic / Translational Research

This program aims to understand the basic molecular mechanism of tumorigenesis, identify biomarkers for early detection and targets for therapeutic intervention.


  • Kounosuke Watabe, Ph.D. (tumor biology, metatases)
  • Yin-Yuan Mo, Ph.D. (tumor cell biology, drug resistance)
  • Jodi Huggenvik, Ph.D. (tumor biology, tumor suppressors)
  • Mike Collard, Ph.D. (tumor biology, tumor suppressors)
  • Blaine Bartholomew, Ph.D. (cell biology, chromatin structure)
  • Rita Trammell, Ph.D (tumor immunology, sarcoma)
  • Lydia A. Arbogast, Ph.D. (hormone and cancer)
  • Jena Steinle, Ph.D. (tumor angiogenesis)
  • Sukesh R. Bhaumik, Ph.D. (Gene expression, DNA repair and cancer)
  • Subhas Chakrabarty, Ph.D. (epigenomic remodeling and differentiation control)
  • Randolph Elble, Ph.D. (cancer biology, tumor suppressors, CLCA protein)
  • Deliang Cao, Ph.D. (metabolic pathways, antitumor activity & tumor selectivity)
  • Daotai Nie, Ph.D. (molecular ordering in tumor progression)
  • Dale Hales, Ph.D. (ovarian cancer prevention)

Experimental Therapeutics/Prevention Program

Program goal and objectives

This program focuses on the development of new methodologies for cancer therapy and prevention.


  • Sophia Ran, Ph.D. (tumor biology, angiogenesis)
  • Krishna Rao, M.D. (tumor genetics, breast cancer)
  • Amy Arai, Ph.D. (neuroblastoma)
  • Vickram Ramkumar, Ph.D. (signal transduction, chemotherapy)
  • Leonard Rybak, M.D. (chemotherapy, drug sensitivity)
  • Mary McAsey, Ph.D. (gynecologic cancer, chemoprevention)
  • Kathy Campbell, Ph.D. (chemotherapy, anti-cancer drug)
  • Gregory Brewer, Ph.D. (brain cancer)
  • Laura Murphy, Ph.D. (breast cancer, chemoprevention)
  • Yuqing Hou, Ph.D. (chemoprevention)
  • Laura Rogers, M.D. (exercise and cancer)
  • Subhas Chakrabarty, Ph.D. (chemoprevention of colon cancer)