Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU School of Medicine

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Basic / Translational Research Basic / Translational Research

Basic and translational research in laboratories at the Simmons Cancer Institute provide the discoveries in cancer biology that will lead to better detection, treatment, and prevention options in the future. Research efforts at the Simmons Cancer Institute are elucidating novel aspects in cellular and molecular mechanisms promoting tumor growth and metastases, novel biomarkers for earlier detection and monitoring of therapeutic interventions, innovative agents and approaches for the treatment and prevention of cancer growth and spread. Members of the Simmons Cancer Institute performing these discovery-based efforts include:


  • Rita Trammell, Ph.D (tumor immunology, sarcoma)
  • Lydia A. Arbogast, Ph.D. (hormone and cancer)
  • Sukesh R. Bhaumik, Ph.D. (gene expression, DNA repair and cancer)
  • Randolph Elble, Ph.D. (cancer biology, tumor suppressors)
  • Deliang Cao, Ph.D. (metabolic pathways, antitumor activity & tumor selectivity)
  • Daotai Nie, Ph.D. (molecular ordering in tumor progression)
  • Dale Hales, Ph.D. (ovarian cancer prevention)
  • Sophia Ran, Ph.D. (tumor biology, angiogenesis)
  • Krishna Rao, M.D. (tumor genetics, breast cancer)
  • Amy Arai, Ph.D. (neuroblastoma)
  • Vickram Ramkumar, Ph.D. (signal transduction, chemotherapy)
  • Leonard Rybak, M.D. (chemotherapy, drug sensitivity)
  • Mary McAsey, Ph.D. (gynecologic cancer, chemoprevention)
  • Kathy Campbell, Ph.D. (chemotherapy, preventing anti-cancer drug toxicities)
  • Yuqing Hou, Ph.D. (chemoprevention)
  • Laura Rogers, M.D. (exercise and cancer)
  • Andrew Wilber, Ph.D. (anti-tumor immunity)
  • Edward Gershburg, Ph.D. (pathogenesis of human herpesvirus)
  • Teresa Liberati, D.V.M., Ph.D. (respiratory cancers)
  • Judy Davie, Ph.D. (pediatric cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma)
  • Kanako Hayashi, Ph.D. (endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer)
  • Andrea Braundmeier-Fleming, Ph.D. (immune system and gynecologic cancers)
  • Donald Torry, Ph.D. (cell biology, innate immunology and cancer)
  • Joe Kurian, Ph.D. (environmental influences in cancer)
  • Ramesh Gupta, Ph.D. (gene regulation)
  • Aziz Khan, M.D. (hematology, oncology)
  • James MacLean, Ph.D. (homeobox genes)
  • Laurent Brard, M.D., Ph.D. (gynecologic oncology)
  • Farid Kadyrov, Ph.D. (DNA repair and cancer suppression)
  • Meghna Desai, M.D. (hematology/oncology)
  • Karen Hales, Ph.D. (ovarian cancer)
  • Shaheen Alanee, M.D., MPH (urologic oncology)
  • Mei Chris Huang, M.D., Ph.D. (gastrointestinal oncology)
  • Buffy Ellsworth, Ph.D. (transcription and chromatin remodeling)