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New Patient Guide

Simmons Cancer Institute

A Team Approach to Comprehensive Cancer Care

Dealing with cancer is difficult for everyone, but for a cancer patient, it’s important to have an entire team working on your behalf. You need the most accurate information, the latest treatments, and the most comprehensive team of specialists available.

Our team approach to care at SCI comprises surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, genetic counselors and therapists, who meet together to decide the best treatment plan for each of our patients. New patients leave our facility with a plan our physicians believe is the best course of action. As the only academic cancer program in Illinois reaching out to central and southern Illinois, our research enterprise further sets the standard for excellence in cancer care. SCI physician faculty members work with patients in clinical trials making new therapies available as discoveries to fight the disease advance.  SCI’s Side-by-Side program offers complementary therapies to ease the stress of a cancer diagnosis. Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes enhance our philosophy of treating the whole person, not just the disease

Maps and Driving Directions to Simmons Cancer Institute

Driving directions to Simmons Cancer Institute