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Support Groups

Experiencing emotional trials from the diagnosis of cancer is normal, but that doesn’t make it easy. Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU believes that support groups are an important part of cancer care. Support groups provide those diagnosed with cancer a place to learn information about their cancer; a place to share feelings and experiences with others who have the same cancer diagnosis; and a place which gives emotional and spiritual nourishment.

Support Groups take place at:
Side-by-Side Place of Wellness,
Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU.
3rd Floor, Room 3015
315 W. Carpenter Street.
Springfield, IL 62794
For more information call 217.545.7493

Women Around You
Women Around You (WAY), a support group for female cancer patients of all ages. Meets at 5:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month. For information contact Emily at (217) 545-5408.


If you have a support group in your community that you would like us to share, please call 217.545.3837