Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU School of Medicine

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Tissue Banking Facility

Application Process

In order to obtain samples from the Tissue Bank Facility, the investigator must complete the Application Form and sign the Use Agreement. Application may be printed from the forms page of the TBF webpage. A new application and use agreement must accompany each new request for specimens (even if for the same project). If additional services are requested for an ongoing project, additional Request for Services Forms may be submitted. Requests for identifiable information must be reviewed and approved by SCRIHS prior to submission of the specimen request to the TBF. The Tissue Bank technician and Tissue Bank Committee can assist you with any questions you may have on the request process.

All materials should be mailed / delivered to:

Tissue Bank Technician
SIU School of Medicine, Mail Code 9672
911 North Rutledge, Room 337
Springfield, IL. 62794-9672
Fax 217-545-6823

Questions regarding tissue banking may be directed to:

Kathy Robinson, Ph.D.
Phone: 217-545-1946

Acknowledging TBF in publications and grants

We ask that investigators acknowledge the contributions made by the TBF in all publications resulting from the use of these tissues. Recommended wording is as follows:
“Tissue for this project was provided by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Tissue Bank Facility.”