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Tissue Banking Facility

Costs To Researchers

The TBF was initially funded in 2003 by start-up funds from the SIU Cancer Institute. A minimal processing/preparation fee will be assessed for services provided by the tissue procurement core in order to secure continued support for the facility. These fees will be used to help support the salaries of the personnel and the purchase of required service agreements on major equipment and supplies.

On the TBF request for services form, there is a space for investigators to supply information on accounts to be charged for these services.

To cover expenses for the services we provide, a minimal charge is assessed for each of the following:

  • Fresh tissue
  • Snap frozen tissue
  • O.C.T embedded frozen tissue
  • Paraffin embedded tissue
  • Whole blood or serum sample
  • Slides from tissue blocks
  • Shipping specimens
  • Tissue sectioning services
  • H&E staining
  • Rental of storage space in liquid nitrogen freezer
  • Rental of storage space in -80 C freezer
  • Specimen processing for specimens collected under a protocol other than 08-112.