Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU School of Medicine

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Ways of Giving to the Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU


Cash is the easiest way to give support to the University. Checks should be made payable to SIU Foundation. The SIU Foundation also accepts cash donations using VISA, MasterCard, Discover and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).Check Presentation

Matching Gifts

A great way to increase the benefit of your contribution without any additional cost, is for you to ask your company's personnel or community relations department if your company has a Matching Gift Program. Many corporations will match the contribution of their employees, officers, directors, and, in some instances, spouses, retired employees, officers or directors.


Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other publicly traded securities may be transferred as gifts through the SIU Foundation. There are various ways of transferring these gifts such as a transfer of securities from the donor's brokerage account or delivery of the actual certificate to the Foundation. Please contact the SIU Foundation so that we can assist you with this process. Gifts of long-term appreciated securities may offer a substantial tax saving if you itemize. These gifts may be deducted at the fair market value without the recognition of capital gains. The value of the gift is determined by the average of the high and low trading prices on the recognized gift date established when you relinquish control of the securities.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are those gifts which are made during your lifetime, but the benefits to the Southern Illinois University Foundation are not realized until a future date. They represent your ultimate investment in the University's mission. These gifts may take the form of a Bequest in your will, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts and Life Estate Agreements. Many planned gifts offer an immediate income tax charitable deduction as well as future estate and gift tax savings. Some, such as Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities, can even provide you with income for your lifetime. Planned gifts can be funded with cash, securities, mutual funds and real property.

Real and Personal Property

The SIU Foundation reviews for acceptance gifts of real or personal property (gifts-in-kind) that enhance the mission of the University. Gifts-in-kind may include your personal residence, farm, equipment, artwork, books, and other property that have a determinable value. The IRS has established rules for valuing these gifts. Please consult your tax advisor for determining tax benefits this type of gift may provide.

Special Tributes

Giving a gift through our Special Tribute Program is a wonderful way to support education, patient care and research while honoring a friend, colleague or family member. More information on this program is available on the Special Tributes page of the SIU School of Medicine Foundation web site.



Your gift will help Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU by accelerating its growth and success. It will assist our recruitment of top-ranked research scientists, as well as ensuring that there is adequate funding to support their research efforts. Please call 217.545.0395 or proceed to the SIU Foundation online giving page by clicking below. Choose "cancer institute" in the dropdown menu. Thank you.

Online Giving