Bullard is A/P employee of the quarter

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CCR’s Bullard named A/P employee of the quarter

          Julie Bullard, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator at the Center for Clinical Research (CCR) has been named the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIUSM) Administrative/Professional of the quarter.

          Julie was surprised to find out the news during a CCR Projects meeting on Monday, July 28 when SIUSM Clinical Assessment Coordinator Mary Aiello announced the honor in front of Julie’s colleagues.

          “I loved receiving this award because my co-workers nominated me and that means a lot to me,” said Julie.  Bullard, who received congratulatory applause at the announcement, said she was overwhelmed and humbled by the honor.

          According to her nomination description, “Julie goes above and beyond for everyone she works with.”  “Julie is a great mentor and a team player,” “she is well respected among her peers, supervisors and investigators.”

          Julie started at the CCR in 2011 and said that she has always enjoyed studying and learning new things in the CCR.  “We have a great team of researchers and staff,” said Julie, “our leaders are supportive and the work is always meaningful.”

          Before joining the CCR, Julie worked as an RN at Memorial, St. John’s, and SIUSM since 1976.  As part of her recognition, Julie received a clock with her name inscribed near the base.  Her picture will be posted in the Dean’s lobby next to previous recipients of the employee of the quarter.

For more information, please contact (217) 545-9700 or ccr@siumed.edu.   

Last Updated: Thu, 08/07/2014 - 4:49pm