Cancer Reports:

  • Cancer in Downstate Illinois (September 2013): This report was jointly prepared by the Illinois Department of Public Health's Division of Epidemiologic Studies and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's Simmons Cancer Institute. It documents the cancer incidence, mortality, disparities, care encounters, and survival in the 73 county "downstate Illinois" region.
  • Cancer in Rural Illinois (April 2014): This report was prepared by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine faculty and staff and Illinois Department of Public Health's Division of Epidemiologic Studies staff. It describes cancer incidence, mortality, staging, and access to care disparities in three rural regions in Illinois. It also contains a supplementary report that details the cancer burden experienced in the Illinois Delta region, the southernmost 16 counties in the state. 


  • CHADS Community Health and Demographic Sources (PDF): The preceding linked document provide the name, source, and year(s) of most recent data for descriptive use in population science, clinical, administrative, and educational research. County level data points are described and state level data sources are listed. These descriptive data can be used to help describe the demographic and sociological characteristics of a community, area, or county. Additionally, such data can help describe the overall health, the prevalence of a certain disease or risk factor, the health behaviors, and the availability and quality of health care services of a given area.  This information can then be used for internal description of a hospital’s or public health department’s service area, external use for grant application or manuscript preparation, and other uses. County level data listings are organized by topic while broader geographic designations are listed by source. These sources are hyperlinked throughout the document. This source listing is intended to be detailed and Illinois focused, but is not exhaustive or comprehensive.
  • OPBRSD Outcomes and Population-Based Research Sources Database (PDF): The preceding linked document provides the name, sources, most precise level of geographical classification, most recent date of presentation, and a brief description of data that can be used in population based research. The databases range from registries to survey data to government databases that can be used to research health behaviors, healthcare utilization, disease incidence, and other health related issues. Sources are categorized into one of five overarching categories—the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ), National Cancer Institute (NCI), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and all other sources. These other sources include the state of Illinois and Medicare, among other sources. This list not meant to be exhaustive, but to provide a reasonably extensive list of potential sources for secondary database research exploration.  There may be some cost and/or application processes associated with obtaining these sources.

 For assistance in accessing or utilizing data referenced in either of the databases, please contact Whitney Zahnd ( or 545-2428).

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