The Statistics Core serves to support the clinical, basic science, educational and administrative research needs for the school of medicine. In particular, this core provides support in the areas of statistics, research informatics, translational research, and health outcomes based research.

Statistical Support

  1. Conceptualization of research problems
  2. Experimental design
  3. Statistical analysis of data
  4. Interpretation and presentation of statistical findings
  5. Presentation of research results

Research Informatics

  1. Database creation & management
  2. Data collection/acquisition
  3. Data entry, coding and de-identification
  4. Data analysis/ reporting

Translational Research

  1. Navigating requirements necessary for developing/testing treatments and therapies
  2. Performing community and practice based research
  3. Assessing population level data
  4. Describing demographic and social makeup of population

Health Outcomes

  1. Data acquisition
  2. Data management
  3. Data storage
  4. Analysis of data sources
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