SIU Family Medicine Residency Program SIU Family Medicine Residency Program
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dually accredited
The Family Medicine Residency Program is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


SIU Family Medicine

The SIU Family Medicine Residency Program-Carbondale offers its residents an unopposed residency staffed by full-time medical faculty in an up-to-date community hospital. Our graduates are well trained to practice anywhere, although our particular mission is to prepare our residents for smaller communities. There they may be asked to provide total obstetrical care, to resuscitate newborns, to assist at general surgery, and to manage in a humane and competent manner a range of family medicine problems.

The SIU Family Medicine Residency Program-Carbondale, administered by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, is associated with Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, a secondary-level community hospital serving Carbondale and the surrounding population. Some tertiary care is also provided here since the nearest university hospitals are in St. Louis, Missouri (100 miles away), and in Springfield, Illinois (180 miles away).

Graduate physicians entering the SIU Family Medicine Residency Program-Carbondale since its inception in 1974 have come from medical schools throughout the United States and abroad. Residents completing the program have entered a variety of practices, including solo and group practices, missionary work, and faculty positions at residency programs. The local region has a strong demand for family physicians; many residents have remained in Southern Illinois.

Program Curriculum
Required rotations for all residents are distributed throughout the three-year program. All residents who are not ACLS certified are required to complete this course within the first six months. Residents have weekly office hours in one or more of the family medicine centers and provide continuity of care to an assigned number of families. Residents also provide periodic teaching of physical exam skills to medical students. Second-year residents are also assigned to geriatric training that consists of following several nursing home patients monthly. The required 21 hours of lab training is available, which allows graduates to be directors of their own lab.

Educational Conferences
Below are the educational conferences that are provided throughout the year.

Current Publication Review (CPR) Nursing Home Rounds Family Medicine Board Review Sleep Deprivation
Chart Rounds Resident Meetings GeriaticTopics Resident Fatigue and Patient Safety

Didactic (1/2 day)
Scheduled Topics:

  • Journal Club
  • Morbidity and Mortality
  • Assigned Core Topics
  • Balint Group
  • EBM Outpatient
  • EBM Inpatient
  • Faculty/Community Physican Presentations
Challenger Modules
Sports Medicine Topics Ethics Training
    EMR Training  
    Practice Management  



Family Medicine Center
2 half days per week
(50 assigned families)
Emergency Department 1 block
Family Medicine Service (Inpatient) 4 blocks
Obstetrics 2 block
Peds (Inpatient) 2 blocks
General Surgery 1 block
Cardiology (Marion VA) 1 block
Community Medicine 1 block

Family Medicine Orientation

1 block
Family Medicine Center
3 half days per week
(100 assigned families)
OBGYN 1 block
Family Medicine Service (Inpatient) 3 blocks
Pediatrics (Outpatient) 2 blocks
Ambulatory Care and Pracice Management 1 blocks
General Surgery and Opthalmology 1 block
Orthopedics/Sports Medicine 2 blocks
Elective (Faculty advisors will assist in subspecialties as approved choosing appropriate Internal Medicine rotation after reviewing evaluations and in-training exam scores.) 1 block
Geriatrics 1 block
Family Medicine Preceptorship and Practice Management 1 block
Family Medicine Center
4 half days per week in Family Medicine Clinic
150 assigned families
Ambulatory Care and CQI 2 blocks
Dermotology and Practice Management 1 block
GYN 1 block
Emergency Department (Herrin) 1 block
Community Medicine and Geriatrics 1 block
Family Medicine Service 3 blocks
Electives 4 blocks



Plastic Surgery  
Sports Medicine  
Nuclear Medicine  
Health Service  
Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery  
Other advanced medical and surgical subspecialties as approved