Little Free Libraries Launched across SIU School of Medicine

December 18, 2019

The Center for Human and Organizational Potential hosted a contest to establish Little Free Libraries (LFL) around the SOM camp

Beyond 'thank you': 4 ways to express your gratitude

November 1, 2019

4 ways to express your gratitude

Shine a light, speak its name | National Suicide Awareness Day

September 16, 2019

Tuesday, Sept. 17, was the second annual National Suicide Awareness Day. At SIU Medicine, faculty, staff and learners took a moment of silence to remember, mourn, pay tribute to and send love to those in our community lost to suicide.

TED Talks 101 | Rikeesha Phelon's 3-step process to capture (and keep!) your audience's attention

July 25, 2019

TED Talks have changed the way people present their ideas. The three-part structure, clarity of purpose and 18 minutes or less requirement has inspired presenters and listeners to think differently about a good talk.

Dr. Susan Hingle's 4 takeaways for new doctors

June 26, 2019

Written by Susan Hingle, MD, FRCP Associate Dean, Center for Human and Organizational Potential

Being present: A reflection on active listening

June 12, 2019

At a recent meeting I had the privilege of spending some time with a colleague from a large health care institution. She is a highly accomplished and impactful individual where she works, possesses a PhD, and is an excellent pragmatic thinker.

Hingle elected to Royal College of Physicians of London fellowship

May 29, 2019

The Royal College of Physicians of London, a 500-year-old professional association of medical specialists from around the world, has invited Susan Hingle, MD, FRCP, MACP, associate dean for SIU Medicine's Center for Human and Organizational Potential and professor of internal medicine, to join it

cHOP Launches Book Club

May 24, 2019

The Center for Human and Organizational Potential invites team members to join its new book club.

Not Another Meeting! 5 Steps to Better, More Effective Meetings

April 18, 2019

Well-thought-out meetings can be productive, and leave you feeling accomplished and connected with others in the room. On the other hand, some meetings make you want to check your phone and update your social media status because nothing is being accomplished.