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Welcome to the web pages of the Office of Community Health and Service of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The Office was created in 2013, in response to a change in the mission of the School of Medicine to add “service to the community” as a fourth important function, in addition to education, research and patient care. The Office is dedicated to improving health and health care for the people in our community, which comprises the 66 Central and Southern Illinois counties covering more than 25,000 square miles and over two million people. We handle a broad range of community health, professional education, and health care outreach activities for the people in this area through the work of four units:

In addition, the Office supports the work of the Community Health Policy Committee, made up of School of Medicine faculty, residents, students, and staff, which advises the Office and the Dean of the Medical School about how the School of Medicine should address the most important health related issues facing our region.

We are proud of the work we are already doing to improve the health of the people in our region, much of which you can learn about by reviewing this website; and at the same time we recognize that we have much more to do, and many more people and communities to engage, in this important effort. As you look over our website, please feel free to contact us - we work for you and would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks again, and here’s to the good health of the people of Central and Southern Illinois.



To learn more about the health of the region, visit our information source page which contains links to a variety of health information resources.

"Get Fit 'n' Healthy". SIU School of Medicine's Employee Wellness Program.

"Our mission is to realize the SIU School of Medicine’s commitment to service to the community by cultivating relationships with and among the communities we serve and working with them to improve the health and health care outcomes of people in the region."


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