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Rethinking the Social History View

Beyond Flexner Report

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Beyond Flexner, a W.K Kellogg Foundation-funded study at the Department of Health Policy of the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, explored unintended consequences of the Flexner Report with a focus on innovative models of medical education that address social mission. The Beyond Flexner Study began with the development of an Advisory Committee consisting of sixteen leaders in medical education and health policy. The research team and Advisory Committee identified eight core modalities that stand out as essential elements in the social mission of education, and selected six medical schools which have demonstrated a commitment to strengthen their contribution to health equity.

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine was chosen to be a participant in this study because of their stated commitment to local and regional care, deliberate recruitment of underrepresented minorities and students from rural backgrounds, and overt focus on primary care education. A team comprised of Dr. Alex Stagnaro-Green, Dr. Henry Sondheimer, Dr. Malika Fair, and Sarah Diamond traveled to Springfield for a three day visit in September 2011. This visit consisted of multiple group and individual interviews based on a standard Beyond Flexner site visit template and visits to Memorial Health System and St. John’s Hospital.

"The mission of the Office of Community Health and Service is to continuously improve the health and health care of people in Central and Southern Illinois, by creating formal and informal, institutional and personal, and innovative and lasting relationships between the SIU School of Medicine and the communities we serve. "


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