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Conflict of Interest and Commitment

School of Medicine's Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy
Conflict of Interest Operating Paper

All employees are required to give the School of Medicine  their primary professional loyalty and to arrange their financial interests and other non-university activities so as not to conflict or interfere with their commitment to the School of Medicine.  All employees must be alert to the possible effects of their non-university activities on the objectivity of their decisions, on the fulfillment of their obligations to the School of Medicine  and its students and other learners, and on the discharge of the School of Medicine’s  responsibilities to the general public.   School of Medicine employees must perform their duties free of actual conflicts of interest and commitment and the appearance of such conflicts.

The School of Medicine's Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy (“Policy”) complements conflict of interest and commitment policies of the State of Illinois, including the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, the Illinois Gift Ban Act, the University Faculty Research and Consulting Act, and policies of Southern Illinois University, including the University’s Conflict of Interest policies and University Codes of Conduct and Ethics.  The School of Medicine’s Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy also incorporates other related policies of the School of Medicine such as the Policies on Industry Relations.

Request for Approval of Non-University Activities & Financial Interests

Request for Approval of Educational Materials and Missions and/or Business Travel

Conflict of Interest Training Presentations