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Frequently Asked Questions About the Compliance Hotline

What is the SOM Compliance Hotline?

The SOM Compliance Hotline is an external, toll-free, 24-hour / 7 day-a-week, telephone resource that allows you to report workplace concerns, including suspected illegal or unethical behavior; non-compliance with laws, regulations and policies; fraud, waste or abuse; patient information privacy issues; criminal offenses; or other concerns. Callers may remain anonymous if they so choose.

Every member of the SIU School of Medicine has a duty and responsibility to report any known or suspected non-compliant behavior or violations with any regulatory mandates and/or local policies. The Compliance Hotline, (800) 910-6707, is designed to give you an avenue for reporting concerns and violations to SOM's management in a confidential manner, without fear of reprisal.

What types of concerns may I report to the SOM Compliance Hotline?

You can report a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Embezzlement or Fraud
  • Kickbacks
  • Ethical Standards Violations
  • Medical Billing Irregularities
    • Billing for services not rendered or items not provided
    • Falsifying claim forms to receive overpayment for services provided
    • Falsifying certificates of medical necessity and billing documents for services not medically necessary
    • Inaccurate billing practices that could result in the SOM receiving reimbursement for which it is not entitled
    • Any event that would require the SOM to disclose wrongful activity to a governmental agency, including unallowable costs in any claims for reimbursement
  • Patient Care
  • Patient Privacy Rights / Other Patient Rights
  • Policy Violations
  • Substance Abuse/Alcohol
  • Risk and Safety
  • Research-related Issues

Please keep in mind that we already have effective systems in place to address many types of concerns. For example, any employee-related issue, including discrimination or sexual harassment, should first be brought to the attention of your supervisor or Human Resources representative. To aid you in contacting the appropriate office to address your concerns the following link to the SOM’s intranet site is provided:

How does the School of Medicine’s Compliance Hotline work?

When you call, an external, 3rd-party representative will gather specific information from you related to the reported activity. You may be asked additional questions. If you wish to remain anonymous, the call representative will respect your wishes to the greatest degree possible. You may call back at any time to receive a status on your report.

If I make a report, can any adverse action be taken against me?

No SOM staff members, including supervisors, managers or employees, are prohibited by federal and state statute as well as operating policies at both the SIU system level and SOM from engaging in retaliation or any form of harassment directed against an employee who reports any concern. Any staff member who engages in retaliation or harassment is subject to discipline, up to and including discharge. Only when an investigation reveals strong evidence that someone reported a concern that had no factual basis and the concern was reported to embarrass or otherwise defame an employee or unit then adverse action against the reporter may be appropriate.

Can I be assured that my call(s) will remain anonymous and confidential?

Keep in mind that the information you provide may be the basis for an investigation by the SOM. While every attempt will be made to ensure anonymity, your identity may be discovered at some time during the course of the investigation. But at no time will your call to the Compliance Hotline be traced or recorded.