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Industry Relations

SIU School of Medicine, like medical schools around the country, interacts with the biomedical industry (pharmaceutical and medical device companies) and their representatives in many areas of mutual interest. As with any such relationships, it is incumbent on the School’s faculty, staff, and learners to be aware that conflicts of interest can arise. Medical schools and industry must be careful to maintain the appropriateness of their relationships to ensure that they respect the fundamental responsibilities that are at the heart of their respective missions.

To that end, SIU School of Medicine has developed industry relations policies. These policies were developed by the medical school’s twenty-three member Task Force on Industry Relations over an eighteen-month period, and were carefully reviewed and approved by the School’s Executive Committee. They are based on policy recommendations of the Association of American Medical Colleges and reflect emerging national norms on the subject. The medical school’s industry relations policies will go far in ensuring appropriate, productive relationships between industry and SIU’s medical school.

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