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Reporting Suspected Compliance Issues or Concerns

The SIU Compliance Line is a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week, telephone resource that allows you to report workplace concerns, including suspected illegal or unethical behavior; non-compliance with laws regulations and policies; patient privacy issues; patient safety concerns; criminal offenses; or other concerns. Callers may remain anonymous if they so choose.

Employees may report suspected improper conduct, illegal actions, good faith belief of violations of the compliance program or applicable laws utilizing a dedicated hotline telephone number established specifically for this purpose.

  1. Call the hotline number (217) 545-7479 (available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week).
  2. The Office of Compliance and Ethics will answer the phone or you will be connected to an automated voicemail messaging system.
  3. Leave your name, contact information, and applicable message with as many details regarding the matter as you can provide. You may at your option make the call anonymously.
  4. Only the Office of Compliance and Ethics will receive these messages through password protected access to the voicemail messaging system.
  5. Calls are treated confidentially.

You may also submit your report in a variety of other ways.


How to Report Suspected Compliance Issues or Concerns

The School of Medicine (SOM) and its related organizations desire to fully comply with all federal and state laws and regulations. Any claim or suspicion of non-compliant behavior is a serious matter that demands immediate attention. Failure to comply with the laws and regulations could result in penalties and fines, exclusion from federal/state programs, damage to an individual’s and/or institution’s reputations and in some situations could result in criminal charges being filed.

All employees, medical students, residents, and other learners have a responsibility and a duty to the SOM to report known or suspected claims of non-compliant behavior or activities. Failure to report suspected issues is a violation of one’s duty to the institution and could result in disciplinary action being taken against the individual for failure to report such matters to the organization.

There is no prescribed process on how to notify a SOM official of a known or suspected compliance issue, the key is tell someone of authority who can research the matter or advance it to another level for appropriate action. Report the matter to your supervisor, department chair or administrator, Office of Compliance and Ethics, SIU HC Administrative Office, or someone of authority that you feel comfortable speaking with regarding the matter.   


Compliance Incident Report


SOM Office of Compliance and Ethics
201 East Madison St.
Springfield, IL. 62794-9683
Phone: (217) 545-8532
Fax: (217) 545-0786
ALL matters including clinical

SIU HC Administrative Office 
201 East Madison St.
Springfield, IL. 62794-9683
Phone: (217) 545-8850
Fax: (217) 545-1884
Clinical matters only                               

Other Suggested Contacts

SIU Legal Counsel (217) 545-9362
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs (217) 545-7936
Office of Human Resources (217) 545-0223
Student Affairs (217) 545-2860
Dean and Provost (217) 545-3625
Comptroller-Sponsored Program Management (217) 545-1696
Residency Affairs (217) 545-8853
Security (217) 545-7777 (day)
(217) 545-7000 (night)






There are a variety of methods in reporting a possible issue for investigation. The key is that you tell someone of authority who can initiate the needed investigation and determine whether corrective measures are needed. Listed below are several methods on how to file a report:

  • Compliance Hotline: (217) 545-7479; secured voice-mail; report may be filed anonymously
  • Incident Report available for download 
  • SIU e-mail:
  • Visit or Call the SOM Office of Compliance and Ethics:
    (217) 545-8532 Chief Compliance Officer
    201 East Madison St. 
    SIU Mail Code 9683
    Fax (217) 545-4410