John Bradley, M.D., MMM.
John Bradley, M.D.
Residency Director

 Dr. Bradley is Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. He has directed the Decatur Family Medicine Residency since 1991. He has been Chairman of the Board for SIU Healthcare and was interim CEO for 19 months.He is heavily involved in the development and early implementation of the SIU Physicians and Surgeons practice plan. Dr. Bradley also recently served on the schools Research Policy Committee and is formerly a member of the Admissions Committee. Dr. Bradley was named Illinois Academy of Family Physicians Teacher of the Year in 1996. Dr. Bradley also serves on the Board of Directors for the Decatur Federally Qualified Health Center. He is currently involved in a comprehensize practice redesign project at the residency. He has authored serveral publications including co-authoring with Dr. Charles Ellington, The Physician's Pocket Lawyer, a practical legal guide to topics such as malpractice and risk management, medical ethics, emergent and end of life decisions, licensure, legal aspects of practice management, and legal aspects of a variety of common medical encounters. He practiced in rural south Missouri and was previously a faculty member at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita.

Medical Degree:
University of Missouri at Columbia
SIU School of Medicine - Springfield
Tulane University
A.M.A., A.A.F.P., I.A.F.P., S.T.F.M.

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