Charles Ellington, M.D., JD.
Charles Ellington, M.D.
Assistant Director

Dr. Ellington was in private practice from 2000-2004 in Arthur, IL. He has served on the boards of multiple community organizations. He completed a health policy fellowship at Georgetown University School of Medicine and The Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Primary Care in 2005. He was also named Preceptor of the Year at Georgetown University Family Medicine Residency in 2005. His research interests include tort reform, medical ethics, and access to care. Dr.'s Ellington and Bradley co-authored a book entitled Physicians' Pocket Lawyer.

Medical Degree / Juris Doctor Degree: Southern Illinois University Schools of Medicine and Law
Residency: SIU Decatur Family Medicine Residency Program
Fellowship: Health Policy, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Memberships: A.A.F.P., I.A.F.P., A.M.A., I.S.M.S., S.T.F.M.

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