"Congratulations to the following resisdents who matched in our program and will begin July 2013:"

Mira Dvivedi, MD
Lauren Fore, MD
Samitha Chandraratne, MD
Roshan Patel, MD
Josh Starr, MD

"Remediation of Primary Care Resident Physicians Utilizing Problem Based Curriculum and Assessment By Wayne Mathews PA-C and John Bradley, MD"

Remediation of resident physicians is a crucial skill, in view of the shortages in primary care physicians. Frequently a resident demonstrates medical fund of knowledge, evidenced by adequate board scores, however may lack clinical problem solving skills as a result of medical school curriculum deficits. We demonstrate successful remediation using PBL cases developed at SIU school of Medicine, and creating assessment tools which are combined with regular clinical assessment and feedback instruments.

"In-Home Medication Reviews: A Novel Approach to Improving Patient Care Through Coordination of Care" -Joel S. Willis, Robert H. Hoy, Wiley D. Jenkins, click here to view article.

"WOW Model of Primary Care" - John Bradley, M.D., click here to view article.


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