DMH Portal Requirements
  • You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • If you have trouble, add the site to the trusted sites
    1. Go back to the first login page
    2. Select Tools and then Internet Options
    3. In the box, click on the Security tab and then click on Trusted Sites (Big green check mark)
    4. You can then click on the Sites button underneath
    5. In the sites box, look for
    6. If it is not in the box, it should be in the field above that and you can click on the Add button to get it in the box of trusted sites.
    7. Close that box and click on OK
    8. Now close Internet Explorer and re-open and it should work
  • If you see any bars across the top of the screen asking you to run something, you should allow this as otherwise it will probably prevent the potal from running

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